retrofit for the future

client: Metropolitan Housing Partnership
completed: 2011

An eco-renovation of two purpose-built flats and conversion into a 3-bedroom family house designed for the ‘Retrofit for the Future Competition’. The house is owned by Metropolitan Housing Partnership. The competition required an 80% reduction on UK average housing which is the 2050 government target and this is achieved by designed to passivhaus standard using PHPP (passivhaus planning package) the total primary energy use for all appliances, domestic hot water and space heating and cooling is predicted as less than 115 kWh/m2/yr

Main features are:
– solid wall insulation of 225 mm, internal at front, and external at rear
– a combined gas condensing boiler and solar thermal system supplies small radiators and hot water
– high performance triple-glazed windows
air tightness as tested on completion:- 2 air changes per hour
– new heat recovery ventilation system
– use of natural insulation materials and lime plaster to provide good hydroscopic qualities to the building fabric

The project was completed in February 2011 and will be monitored for 2 years.

Valentina, PhD student at UCL, installing moisture meters at Hawthorn Road.