Cannock Mill Cohousing Colchester


Illustration by Studio Engleback


client: Cannock Mill Cohousing Colchester (CMCC)
starting on site in Autumn 2016

CMCC are aiming to develop a mutually supportive community, living in low energy homes, with some shared facilities, encouraging social contact and individual space in a community managed by themselves, the residents.

The group is a mixed community but with particular emphasis on the needs of older people. All residents agree to the aims and objectives of Co-housing.

Consultation and consensual decision making is a key part of the development process as well as the final project. CMCC will form a community of 23 households. The scheme is for a semi-rural site near public transport, with a mixed accommodation schedule, ranging from 2 bedroom flats to 3 bedroom houses.



The site has a delightful old mill building which will house the shared facilities, while the new houses form a terrace overlooking the mill pond. There will be allotments and shared garden as well as private outdoor space including a small roof terrace. All flats have balconies.



The houses and flats are designed to Passivhaus and Lifetime Homes standards.

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