granville plus

client: South Kilburn New Dear for Communities & South Kilburn Sure Start
contract value: £2,150,000.00
completed: 2006

Winer of Building Magazine sustainable building of the year 2006

This first building for the New Deal for Communities programme, made up of simple timber boxes clad in a variety of green materials piled up like children’s building blocks, forms a new south wing and entrance to the Granville Centre. The new extension provides nursery spaces and Sure Start offices. The reception hub faces 3 ways; to the new main south entrance, to the refurbished Granville Centre, and across an internal courtyard to the north entrance, which has a new welcoming canopy onto the street. The exhibition space provides an opportunity to explain and demonstrate the sustainable approach to construction.

A priority for sustainability is that those using the building were consulted and involved in the development of the design, including the Sure Start Board, Carlton Nursery, groups using the Granville Centre, and the youth service. Children and young people helped to design the printed external tiles, developed in collaboration with graphic designers Thomas Matthews. Even the very young children, participated in the development of the design.

I have been very impressed by the great skill shown by ATA in negotiating and communicating ways forward.They have been calm, thoughtful, and with a high level of integrity in all aspects of their work… Perhaps most significantly, we have been given a building that incorporates the heart of what we wanted. ATA listened to, understood and designed for our curriculum ethos, even though some aspects of this were new to their thinking, to give us a coherent set of spaces,and a building that lifts our spirits when we are in it. Granville Nursery manager