northtown framework

client: Pavilion Housing Association
study completed: 2005

A framework plan for North Town creating a strategic approach to the current changes and problems in the local area, and developing a showcase study looking at the particular solutions for one contained section of the estate from which the entire community will be able to benefit.

The design process also includes extensive consultation with residents. Areas of concern include options for redevelopment and regeneration dealing with provision for the community, social amenities, crime reduction, parking facilities and environment improvements both on a sustainable design and landscaping level.

The site is currently one of the most deprived 20% areas in the country including 750 properties which are in need of refurbishment.

Urban design methodology includes looking at improving the character and quality of the public realm,transport initiatives, and coordination of adjoining sites and proposals for a new community centre.

ATAP’s approach will include a detailed site analysis, the potential for refurbishment of the existing flats, and the assessment of re-development opportunities. Areas being studied are facility provision for Aldershot, waste disposal/ recycling, crime and vandalism, definition of public/private areas, use of current gardens and spaces on the site, and lack of safe-walking routes. Further strategy is to establish oppor tunities to improve flat blocks, establish sites to build in-fill housing, and develop funding options and methods to enhance the non-housing facilities available including sustainable initiatives.