boatemah walk

client:LB Lambeth
completed: 2006

ATA had a long involvement with the redevelopment of the Angell Town estate, retrofitting over 60 units at Holles and Warick Houses and designing a new block of flats. The sustainable refurbishment resulted in 50% less CO2 use, and the block was replanned to increase safety. (See ‘angell town)

Also at Angell Town is a new build block of Eighteen flats in a three storey block of FSC timber. The design of Boatemah Walk was developed in close consultation with residents. It uses rainwater recycling to flush WCs and generates electricity though the photovoltaic film metal roof. The scheme received a CABE Building for Life gold award.

“It’s our experience that you can’t impose sustainability [on people], but you can encourage it and develop people’s understanding of it,” says Bradshaw. “We felt that the environmental concerns were coming from the residents. Through the process of the meetings, we came together as a tight group which became very engaged [in the design].”

“The residents weren’t technical experts,” says Congreve, “but there were some things they wanted, such as space, that the architects listened to. Perhaps it made them more receptive to what the architects said about sustainability.”

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